I’ve been travelling over the past week or so and enjoying some time off after a hectic three months of the year. The Boyfriend and I decided to head to Paris for Easter, and we had a ton of fun! I put the Boyfriend in charge of photography, and he took a grand total of… Read More Paris

War guilt

If there’s one thing my relationship has taught me, it is that communication is important. Hiding behind lies and unasked questions will get you no where. Even if this were to end one day, I’d at least know that we always had an open line of communication. This entry and our conversation following it was… Read More War guilt

Strip clubs.

The boyfriend and I are living in two different cities for a couple of months and we’ve found ourselves in the hugely unfamiliar Long Distance Relationship. Horror. We’ve never had anything like that before. Long distance relationships, while tough, are enlightening at the same time. For one, I don’t put on make up EVER before… Read More Strip clubs.