Just had my wisdom teeth removed

I’ve just removed my wisdom teeth about an hour and a half ago.

I don’t want to put a dampener on anyone or anything, but it was traumatic.

The dentist was great, but I am a bit of a dental phobe especially when it comes to extractions.

I have a total of three wisdom teeth – two were removed on Sunday and the remaining one was extracted today as it is more complicated than the other two.

I don’t have a history of fearing injections, but in the history of my life, I’ve never had five injections in a row as I was under local anaesthesia, but to be honest, I told the dentist I would rather be under general anaesthesia as I want to be completely knocked out and not know what’s happening to my teeth during the surgery.

My dentist told me about the risks associated with the surgery and made me sign an indemnity form, and I thought, “This shit just got serious”.

The extraction itself was painless – I felt a bit of pressure but nothing more. My dentist helped to quickly stitch the wound and I was scared as I had never had stitches before. But it turned out to be OK.

It was still quite a traumatic experience though and I don’t want to ever have another teeth extracted again! I’m going to visit the dentist as frequently as I possibly can to prevent this. :S


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