The Best Friend comes to visit

As it’s summer in London, I have had quite a number of friends who came to visit (thank you all!). It’s brought me a lot of perspective to see everyone here in the same city and to catch up on our lives and what we are up to.

Right now, my best friend of all time is here to visit with her good friend. And surprise, surprise, I realise that her good friend isn’t who I would normally hang out with and I have no idea why my best friend is taking a vacation with her. It’s like she has morphed into someone different, although at times I believe the very core of her has not changed.

I miss the old her.

People change all the time, and I’m glad she has someone whom she hangs out with on a constant basis. I don’t wish anything bad on anyone so I am happy for her. One of the reasons I like my best friend so much though is because she is such a positive, optimistic person and she is just lovely and caring. I’ve sensed some negativity creep in though in her new personality over this visit, and I want to be honest with her in private, but we are always hanging out together in threes.

I think I’ve also cheated on my best friend with The Boyfriend, for right now, I would consider The Boyfriend my best friend.

He wasn’t too happy with that. “I’m your lover!” he said exasperatedly as I told him about my weekend.

But it’s true. I could be who I want to be in front of my best friend, but not any more, because I haven’t come to terms with trusting this friend she’s brought along with her. So the only person I can truly be myself, the only person who knows all my insecurities, secrets (I don’t have many secrets), thoughts and concerns and opinions is my boyfriend. There are moments where I feel so happy to be with him, and this is definitely one of them.

For now, I’ll just do my best job at being her best friend and show her a good time around the city! And then we’ll talk again when we meet in a month… and I will let her know what’s really on my mind. 😉


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