Salmon with pesto, sauteed broccoli and tagliatelle

I haven’t written a post about food for a long time and it’s because I haven’t been very hardworking in learning new recipes.

I cooked something really simple this time by combining two things: a recipe and an easy-to-cook portion of salmon with pesto from the supermarket.

You can cook this all within 15 minutes.

What you’ll need (serves 1):
* A portion of broccoli, or as much as you like – I used very thin-stalked broccoli, not the usual big broccoli flower you get at the supermarket

* Finely minced parsley (you can cheat by buying a bottle of Barts freeze-dried parsley)

* Olive oil

* 100g tagliatelle

* Salmon with pesto sauce

* Half a lemon (optional)

Cooking instructions (15 minutes):

* Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius. Put the salmon with pesto sauce on top on a baking tray and bake for 15 minutes

* Meanwhile, cook the tagliatelle in hot boiling water, a few drops of olive oil and some salt

* Heat up some olive oil on a pan and start frying the broccoli until tender. Dump in the pasta and throw in the parsley. Quickly toss and squeeze the half lemon

Serve all on a plate – you’re ready to enjoy it!

Wasn’t that easy? 🙂


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