5 Things I learned about the Statue of Liberty

I’ve never been on Liberty Island. I always thought that just a select few could go because it’s so small and the first time I was in New York, we missed out on it because we weren’t on the best tour.

This time, The Boyfriend convinced me to go on Liberty and Ellis Island, even though he had been here before. I’m glad I did, and it took us a good three hours exploring both these places!

1. The Statue of Liberty’s real name is not The Statue of Liberty or Lady Liberty

Those are just nicknames. Her real name is The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World. But just like all Americans like to do, they like to shorten names and so she has been stuck with The Statue of Liberty.

2. The Statue has a back foot

…that looks like she is in motion. Coupled with the flame that’s fanning backwards, this is a woman who is constantly moving and not standing still.

3. The Statue is not facing the US

In fact, she’s facing the rest of the world – Europe and North Africa to be specific (correct me if I’m wrong). This ties in with point #1 that she is meant to bring liberty and freedom to the world – think about what happened during the Arab spring etc.

4. The Statue of Liberty’s purpose was not for the immigrants that came in to America

Contrary to popular belief, the immigrants who came into America were not to be greeted by the statue.

5. The Statue has a Greek influence

She was supposed to be modelled after the Greek god of Liberty, which caused an uproar at that time as some conservatives back in the day believed that some people will visit Liberty island and pray to a pagan god. This isn’t true today though, as we know, and her Greek influence explains her dress sense of typical Greek draping.


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