Stirling Castle, Edinburgh and lots of photos

I’ve been lazy. I haven’t posted all week. The truth is, I’ve written a few drafts but they never go anywhere, because I have an idea, I run with it, and then I don’t know how to conclude that, so these unpublished entries all end up in Draft Land where they enjoy a meaningless existence until I have inspiration and give them life again.

Before we start though, I have a disclaimer.

You won’t like this post if you don’t like photos.

Are you ready?

I am.

For this trip, my boyfriend trusted me with my rusty driving skills, and I trusted him with my camera. And boy, did he take photos! Not just photos of our trip and what we visited, but a lot of unflattering photos of me with weird facial expressions/doing everyday life things. I have a feeling that one day, he’d blackmail me with these photos in front of our friends and family.

But I’m cool with that because I have even bigger plans. 🙂


After we visited the whiskey distillery, we drove to a cafe called Bakers and More to have lunch. Well, or at much of a lunch you can get at such a charming little place. There was a wood burner at the corner, it was raining, and it was just great to sit down in the middle of absolutely nowhere, just the two of us, tucking into warm hot chocolate and piping coffee and scrambled eggs on toast.

I love having adventures and for a while I thought what an amazing life I have to be blessed and be able to travel and explore the world.

We reached Stirling soon after and it started raining on us. Undeterred, we climbed up a mild hill to Stirling Castle and were not disappointed – it’s a great visit, possibly even better than Edinburgh Castle!

After we drove to Edinburgh, we caught a football match and were prepared for the next day.

A lot of people spit on the centre of this heart (ew, I know), I think for good luck and also as a superstition to prevent that they go to prison.

I have no idea who David Hume is. Now, go ahead and berate me. The Boyfriend did, though. And if my boyfriend is that intellectual, I think that’s a good sign.

I can take care of the keeping up with popular culture bit.

This spot is where a lot of people were executed.


There’s a very good story about Bobby the dog which is especially endearing for you dog lovers (I am one too!!). Well, Bobby was John Gray’s loyal companion, and when John passed away, Bobby would return to his grave, every day, until the day he died. They eventually had a tomb for Bobby next to John’s grave, although they did not bury Bobby there because he wasn’t a Christian (if he was, nobody had any way of knowing).

A part of Edinburgh Castle

Atop Calton Hill

I wanted to show The Boyfriend that even though I work at an office job, I still have my athletic side. I mean, you’re talking to someone who swam 1km three times a week before she moved to London. Give me some credit here.

Well, I met my Waterloo when we tried climbing up Arthur’s Seat which is on top of Holyrood Hill (I think). It was a b*tch to scale. The Boyfriend went by the long way, which meant it took us an hour and a half to get on top of that thing.

One thing that I love about travelling is that you can absolutely lose yourself in the place you’re in, whether you’re alone or with company. I am used to travelling alone and love the incredible independence that comes with being on my own. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child as I can be by myself for an extended period of time without going crazy, although my friends will convince you that I absolutely enjoy their company and laughing with them (a lot of my oldest friends know that I laugh like a hyena, a side which all my colleagues and acquaintances are unaware of… yet). I love to walk than to take public transport as exploring every nook and cranny in towns and cities make my travels interesting. I’ve met so many people in my travels and made quite a number of friends through all these adventures. Some of my happiest moments involve spending little to no money, soaking myself up in an atmosphere and embracing new cultures. You never really know what you’ll discover until you take an unexpected journey.


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