Loch Lomond & our trip to the Whiskey Distillery

We drove up to Loch Lomond in the evening after watching a football match at the pub at Glasgow. I’m not a big fan of driving with little light especially at a place I don’t know, so we started driving at about 8pm. (Yes, the Boyfriend and I have a system whereby I drive in countries that practise driving on the left as that’s how it’s done in my country, and the Boyfriend drives in countries that practise driving on the right.)

To drive to Loch Lomond was easy, thanks to the Boyfriend’s brilliant navigation skills. There was no highway to take, and all we did was to drive along the street across a small town, before passing by a couple of bed and breakfasts and petrol kiosks and we were soon facing the mountains ahead of us.

It. Was. Beautiful.

I can’t describe how beautiful it was; it was just stunning. The sun was setting and it was brilliant to see that against the mountains and natural countryside.

We passed by a very cute bed and breakfast and for a second I wished we lived there:

It took us about ten to fifteen more minutes before we arrived at our own hotel, which was charming and right beside the lake. We also had a great breakfast the next day!

I love the view from our hotel room:

I loved our hotel. Granted, there were some older people at the hotel, but the breakfast was excellent. The Boyfriend and I had two servings of everything – potato scones, eggs, toasts, bacon, orange juice – and I think the hotel staff was surprised at how much we are able to eat. Hehe.

Scotland was not nice to us at all in the second day. We planned a day of hiking, but it rained on us.

Still somewhat determined to get on with our journey, we headed to Dumbarton Castle, which is apparently one of the must visit areas in the area.

This was what it looked like:

We took a look at it, and thought, Nah. Sorry for all you guys who are fans of this particular castle though.

It was drizzling then, so we huddled together in the car (no, that’s not the car you see in the picture) and planned the rest of our day – we’d first go to a whiskey distillery, and then visit Stirling castle.

We heard all about the Glengoyne distillery over the internet and brochures. The Boyfriend and I thought that since that was en route to Stirling, it would be a good idea to visit.

The place was picture perfect and set in the middle of nowhere. We had no idea that a public bus runs through that place, but there is one.

We went for a tour around the distillery and saw how whiskey was made. It was a really good tour, and we had two shots of whiskey per person. Well, I sipped a little on both my shots (drams, I think that’s what they called them) as I had to drive, so the Boyfriend had a good 3.5 shots worth of whiskey in him and things got interesting after that.

He’s fun without all the alcohol, but he’s more fun after some 😉

Next up: A cute cafe, Stirling Castle and our first day in Edinburgh!


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