Scotland Day 1: Raining in Glasgow

The first day we arrived in Scotland, we planned to drive up straight to Loch Lomond and do some hiking. I thought it’d be romantic to spend some alone time together at the countryside – and trust me, I’ve gotten very sporty since The Boyfriend came into my life. In the past, I used to do just swimming. Right now, it’s running, stepping, climbing, hiking etc. Furthermore, we booked a hotel room right next to the lake and it would be calm and peaceful.


It rained like cats and dogs when we arrived and The Boyfriend and I slipped into our rental car, drenched and unamused. I haven’t driven since I came to the UK, so I’m one rusty driver, and within the first three minutes of driving, The Boyfriend thought he was going to die.

We changed our plans and decided to go to Glasgow first as there are plenty of indoor spaces within the city and we can walk around and hang out before driving north to Loch Lomond. If Saturday’s weather was better (it wasn’t), we would continue on our hiking/sporty journey.

Glasgow, Glasgow, Glasgow.

It’s a really small city and coming from London, it’s a little underwhelming. But I liked that it felt laid back and that everything was walkable. We spent a whole lot of time at the pub because it was freezing outside – I would have worn my winter coat if it wasn’t June.

We stumbled across war memorials, Olympics stuff, cathedral, went for a short walk by the river, walked through their shopping belt and went to their museum of modern art and checked out the city hall. You know, typical city.

Day 2 to come next (Loch Lomond, castles, Whiskey distillery).


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