Food from Scotland

Oh yes, the big reason for my disappearance was because I was on holiday in Scotland.

And it rained like mad 75% of the time.

Apart from that, it was a good trip! We spent some time in the countryside and the highlands, drove around and met some cows and sheep and horses, visited a Whiskey distillery and two castles, explored two cities and went hiking up a short hill about 250m above ground.

And like all trips, we have to start with food. No question about that.

When The Boyfriend’s parents came to visit for a week earlier this year, they discovered a pub that The Boyfriend and I have not discovered. It’s a pub chain that runs throughout the UK and has massively good value for money food. That’s all we ate in Scotland, ever. We didn’t even go to a restaurant because The Boyfriend and I have given up being romantic for each other.

I’m kidding about that part.

Scots are known for eating stuff like haggis (which we didn’t try), black pudding (which we did and it tastes … different) as well as potato scones and short bread (which we love!).

So I’ll present to you: pub food!

Our first meal in Scotland was in Glasgow and The Boyfriend and I both had a chargrilled chicken burger with fries and a drink (beer/wine/whatever). Total cost? 3.99pounds (maybe about USD6) per person. Ain’t live grand?

For dinner, The Boyfriend had the burger again (he’s boring ;)) while I had sweet chilli noodles with chicken. I loved this dish. I love it so much, I’d eat it again, and again, and again, if I didn’t care what it’d do to my weight.

But did you know it’d not do much to my weight because it’s less than 700 calories? Oh yeah.

The Brits love a good Sunday roast. Sunday roast is what it literally means – roast beef/pork/your choice served with yorkshire pudding, vegetables and potatoes. I remember having my first Sunday roast back in 2010 when I was travelling in London alone. It was divine. I love pub food.

The Boyfriend loves steak. I think it runs in his blood to like a good steak. His favourite steak? Sirloin. I like rump steak though. Don’t ask me why, I’m just weird.

Scottish breakfast – baked beans (I love this, don’t judge), bacon, eggs, toast, black pudding, sausage that doesn’t look like sausage and potato scone.

The black pudding tastes interesting. The Boyfriend loved it, but I hate to tell him what really is inside it.

We had a lot more food (on one day, we had pancakes, eggs benedict and a full English breakfast) but unfortunately didn’t take more pictures. I will be sharing pictures from our trip soon, for right now it’s bed time and the whole of Europe is in Euro Cup fever!



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