Our Sunny Weekend

If you’ve been reading this blog in the past week, you’d realise that I’ve yet to post anything about our flying journey. No, I haven’t forgotten anything about it, but I just don’t happen to be at home where my flying photos are stored. Boohoo. Tough luck. What I do have though are pictures of our sunny weekend – the one that has just passed us by!

It’s rare to have true sunny days in London as the sun doesn’t even bother trying 99% of the time. So you can imagine when there’s sun, everyone’s out in parks sun tanning, playing ball, visiting the zoo etc. Humidity’s low, there’s always a constant breeze and the sun is relatively harmless. Really.how do i activate i

The Boyfriend and I were privileged to have spent our whole weekend at Regent’s Park – Friday after work, Saturday & Sunday – and it felt like a retreat. Really. I didn’t think about work once and my mind was just cleared out and relaxed. The good air helped too!

Our Friday evening dinner – two boxes of salad. You’re looking at pasta, lettuce and vegs, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, bacon, seeds, croutons and honey chilli dressing. Mmmm yum!

Did you know that Starbucks is having half price off its frappuccinos in the afternoons? The Boyfriend and I got two venti Mocha Cookie Crumbles for 3.70 quid. That’s a good deal! 🙂


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