This weekend, I spoiled myself

I can’t believe all this time has flown by and we’re here in spring! Here we are, being rewarded with fine weather after months of gloomy winter.

This weekend, the Boyfriend and I spoiled ourselves.

We went for a flying lesson (more about this later this week!) and basically took a short day trip around Bristol, caught the Champions’ League final in a crowded pub and we were massively devastated when Bayern Munich lost to Chelsea. C’mon, how could they have missed so many opportunities on goals? The striker should be FIRED, and I’m speaking as a Bayern fan!

On Sunday, I decided to spoil myself even further by going shopping at Covent Garden. The thing that I absolutely love about London is that the diversity of the city means that you can be feel right at home, just like if you’re living in New York. After having tortured myself online looking at all the Kate Spade wallets, I strolled straight into their store and spent a good half an hour picking out wallets. After all, my current (now former) wallet was fraying at the edges and the card holder section fell through.

It was an emergency -I needed a new wallet, fast.

I grabbed our favourite sushi take out from Bond Street and took the tube home. When I arrived home, The Boyfriend saw a happy girlfriend.

A satisfied girlfriend.


I’ve never bought something so nice for myself, but man, it feels so good.

You know how to reward yourself after slogging your life for a couple of months. Buy something that’s not ridiculously expensive but something that’s expensive enough for you to say OUCH!

I’m so happy 🙂


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