Darling, I’m happy that we still have fun

The Boyfriend and I have spent more than a year together as a couple. That’s not a very long time, but it sure feels like we have been together forever. I have no idea why I enjoyed being single in the first place!

Last night, I cooked dinner for the both of us and a couple of hours later, I had a craving for a takeout from a restaurant two tube (=subway/metro) stations away from our place. It was past 10pm, and I told the Boyfriend that they close at 11pm. The Boyfriend was against that I eat any more after our delicious dinner, but I just had that craving. You know how you start to eat a lot after you get together with a guy? That’s how I feel. I used to eat plenty. Now, I eat a lot.

The Boyfriend finally compromised. “If they close at 11pm, I’ll get the food for you.”

Before I could say, “Yes!”, he continued, “If they don’t, then you’re giving me a half-an-hour massage.”

This is tough. The Boyfriend and I used to play bluff a lot with some of our friends, and he is unnaturally good at it. I knew I couldn’t last out that long to be able to give a half-an-hour massage. I don’t like giving them. I like receiving them (selfish me!).

“Fine,” I told him. “We’re not having this bet.”

I still wanted to check if they did close at 11pm, but the Boyfriend told me not to lest I got upset.

We loaded the website together on my iPhone and this is what it read:

Open Mondays – Sundays, 12pm – 11pm.

I started to scream and we descended into war – tickling wars – as I told the Boyfriend that he said he would get the take out for me. He said I didn’t want in on the bet. Being the irrational woman that I am, I told him that bet or no bet, he should have gotten it for me anyway. He did offer to go in the end, but I thought that he was right and I did buy a box of cupcakes from the Hummingbird bakery (more on them later) lest I get hungry later in the night and I was developing a sore throat so fried take out food was a no-go.

I’m still happy that we have fun together even though we’re both theoretically adults. I can’t imagine another person I can have more fun with! 🙂


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