Sea of people

Over Easter holiday, the Boyfriend and I took a night out to hang out with his friends at a pub at his hometown. It was Easter Sunday, so the pub was visibly less crowded than it normally is. The night was freezing cold and we spent a good part of the night just talking and drinking.

After about an hour and a half, we decided it was time to head home and the Boyfriend’s friends were going to another pub that the Boyfriend used to go to but doesn’t anymore because it is a “high school pub”. The Boyfriend and I, both weary from travelling a day earlier, just wanted some time to ourselves after spending a whole day with his family and friends.

In the car on our way back, I asked the Boyfriend why his friends were going to another pub instead of staying at the current one, and the answer was that they needed to be surrounded by a sea of people.

I suffer from the “sea of people” syndrome too. Having grown up in a city since birth, I find myself at a constant need to not be alone. As much as I wanted “me time”, I would flood myself with technology – I would be on my iPhone while on the road, surfing the internet or watching TV at home. The only times when I am free of technology is when I am with the Boyfriend or when I am cooking or baking. I couldn’t even stand running in the gym without listening to the news. I couldn’t stand being alone with myself and I don’t really know why.

Having said that, I’m going to make a pledge to myself. This week, I will not come online except to check my emails once a day. That’s it. I won’t touch the computer (unless I’m at work). I want to destress and decouple from technology in my private world. I want to connect with humans in real time. And if it means I have to take drastic measures, then so be it.


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