Food of the Week

I’m crazy about food. I mentioned in my previous post that I was home-food-sick, however you want to call it, and that made me go on a food hunting spree in London where The Boyfriend and I tried this Korean restaurant that had 50% off for Sundays for the month of April.

Well, we went there again and this time, we ordered about 10 dishes.

I know I say this a lot of times, but it was food heaven.

We wouldn’t really go there if they didn’t have the 50% off though – it would have been way too pricey.

Our first dish was kim chee, otherwise known to The Boyfriend and I as spicy vegetables. The Boyfriend thinks it’s okay, but I think it’s so good. I love spicy, I love vegetables, so the combination of both is so tangy and spicy and great.

Modum Namul, otherwise known as a mix of vegetables.

I have no idea what this is, but The Boyfriend knew that it was beef. I have no idea what they did to it, but when you splash it around with the egg yolk on the left, it is just the best combination of flavours…

The Boyfriend and I loved the squid dish we tried last time and decided to order it again! Spicy squid with vegetables… why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?

This was really good – also known as Roseu Puen Che, it actually means beef wrapped around some vegetables and a wasabi/mustard mix dipping sauce. Combine everything and this was easily my favourite starter.

The Boyfriend took a bite of this mushroom dish that was mysteriously delivered to us even though we didn’t order it (we did get billed for it in the end though!) and it was good. Portobello mushrooms marinated in whatever sauce that was… ohhh. The table beside us ordered it too, and all you had to say was “Mushroom” and the waitress would know what you wanted.

Yeah, I guess it’s that popular.

Korean pancakes. Deliciously fried with seafood and a light soy dipping sauce!

Hot Pot Bulgogi, which is Korean for beef slices, shitake mushrooms, vegetables and glass noodles in a steaming soup broth. Perfect for London’s incessant rainy weather!

We were so full but we had to take advantage of the 50% offer which meant that we both ordered ice cream. The Boyfriend had almond ice cream and I tried the restaurant’s popular roasted green tea ice cream. The Boyfriend didn’t like my ice cream much (“This is an Asian dessert”) but I loved it to bits. Yum! A bit overpriced if it’s not 50% off though.


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