5 Signs that your Boyfriend cares

Are men from Mars and women from Venus?

If you judge by how men and women express love, I think the answer is a resounding yes.

Men are weird creatures. They are sometimes complicated, they communicate differently from us women, they are passionate about sports that involve two teams of men chasing after a ball.

At times, it might seem like he doesn’t care because he doesn’t express love the same way that you do. Women are vocal. We need to talk. We like to hear him say “I love you” a couple of times a day. We want him to be there when we need him the most, and for him to love us more when we deserve it the least.

The thing is, he does care. The Boyfriend and I spoke about this over our Easter holiday and we both agreed on this list. This might not apply to all men, but it sure does apply to most. And here’s how you know:

1. Physical affection
I hate to say this, but it’s the truth. Men are visual, physical creatures. If he kisses you less than usual or when you’re out with friends and he doesn’t seem to want to stay close to you as much, that’s how you know he doesn’t care. On the other hand, if he holds you close, strokes your hair/back when you’re out, you’re with a loving man – hold onto him tight and don’t let go!

2. He sacrifices time to be with you
If he’s really busy but has dinner with you, or if he really wants to do something like go out with his friends but chooses instead to spend the night with you, then he really cares about you enough to want to be with you.

3. He does things to make your life easier
Nope, I’m not saying if he helps you with school assignments (although that will also count), but the little things, like helping you with the dishes, carrying your stuff or groceries – that’s the sign of a guy who cares. It might seem little and you might take this for granted, but please don’t because nobody likes being taken for granted!

4. He listens to what you have to say
This is important. I admit that I am guilty of this one – sometimes, I don’t listen attentively enough to my boyfriend but he seems to remember everything I tell him. He’s an extremely good listener (or I have really interesting stories)! So I’d say that someone who cares about how your day went, who calls you (or you call him, whichever works best) and wants to make your day better is someone who definitely cares about you.

It helps if he has a good memory of all your past conversations… 🙂

5. He cares about your opinion
Something I’ve realised about men and dating them is that they are all essentially very different on the outside but they are easy to read if you know them. I’ve been on dates where men don’t care about your opinion on what you both should do on a date, what you like etc. The Boyfriend is completely different on this aspect. He cares. He knows exactly what I want, but he still asks me for my opinion. Actually, he knows me so well that when we are on the phone talking, he can tell if I’m eating chocolate (no matter how hard I try to hide it!). We both take turns to compromise. That’s the mark of someone who cares about you, someone who doesn’t run off with an idea and let you know at the last minute.

Needless to say this list is not exhaustive of all the different reasons of how to tell if a guy cares, but I hope this has helped to allay at least some of your fears that your boyfriend does not care about you!


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