Love comes through the stomach: a four course meal for The Boyfriend

My boyfriend says that I’m a spoiled princess and that he spoils me all the time.

That’s only half of the story.

I spoil my boyfriend too. I plan surprises. I bought him Valentine’s day dinner at the Marriott. He’s going on his first flying lesson in May – courtesy of yours truly. I cook him nice breakfasts and dinners.

Lately, the Boyfriend has been hard at work. I have been, too, but I figured he needed this more than me. So I invited him to a four course meal prepared by me at my humble abode.

As London’s been raining like crap recently, I decided to cook a nice warm meal for my boyfriend. He came, a little drenched from the rain and he was freezing cold. My kitchen was full of ingredients, cooking pots and pans, and a nice waft of warm soup.

First course: Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, rocket marinated with balsamic vinegar and pepper

This was my first attempt at making bruschetta, and it’s so easy to make. You’d need slices of baguette or bruschettina (that’s what my supermarket calls it), chopped cherry tomatoes, rocket, balsamic vinegar, salt (optional), pepper (optional). I mixed all the ingredients together and let it marinate for an hour. Then, I melted some butter on a frying pan, fried up the slices of bread and topped up the ingredients all over the bread. The Boyfriend was running late and I didn’t want the bruschetta to be cold, so I popped it in to the microwave at 600W for about 1-2 minutes and it was golden.

The tomatoes melted in my mouth as I took a bite, thanks to the microwave. I’d definitely be incorporating that into my next cook out! Oh so good.

I brought out a bottle of wine too that we both enjoy. I don’t drink red wine because I find it too dry, so The Boyfriend and I always have white wine whenever we’re together (yes, that includes occasions when we eat steak!). We love sweet wines too. The sweeter, the better.

Lindeman’s Chardonnay. Mmm. I’ve had it in my apartment for a couple of weeks now (I don’t tend to drink alone, only in company) and it was partially consumed, which actually worked to our favour as the wine oxidised a little and tasted sweeter(!).

Second course: Cauliflower soup with celery, carrots, cream, basil, thyme, rosemary and onions

This was also my first attempt at cauliflower soup and I thought The Boyfriend might not like it because the taste was not too savoury. I didn’t add any preservatives or food additives to this one because we both don’t believe in that. He ended up really liking it which is a victory for me!

The day was getting dark and we only had candles lighting the apartment, so the remainder of the dishes will look slightly discoloured. 🙂

Third course: Whole wheat fusili with king scallops, king prawns and mushrooms in cabonara sauce

Cooking a four course meal is not easy. To time every dish perfectly takes a lot of effort. What I found useful was to have all the ingredients lined and chopped, so you can just pour it into the pot/pan to cook whenever you have to.

This happened to be The Boyfriend’s favourite out of all four courses because he’s a big seafood fan.

Fourth course: Apple puff pastry with vanilla ice cream (not pictured because I’m dumb like that)

I didn’t have time to make a brownie or a cake or tart for our dessert so I opted for this really simple apple pastry. Doesn’t it look great? I think it looks AWESOME! Alright, I’m not a food photographer so I can only describe how it tastes.

It tasted awesome. That’s all.

I guess it isn’t surprising that this took me less than 30minutes to prepare and bake.

Overall result: a very satisfied, full and happy boyfriend. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Love comes through the stomach: a four course meal for The Boyfriend

    1. Yay! Happy to hear that. I surprised myself there too, but it’s so easy to make that it’s impossible to mess that up.

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