Pancake day!

I was going over my trove of drafts that I’ve written over the past few months and found this one back from February, unpublished and unloved. So I’m bringing it alive by bringing it to the forefront of this blog for all of you to enjoy. Enjoy!

* * *

The Boyfriend and I have not made pancakes since we got together, and after dinner at a friend’s place where we had chicken fajitas and pancakes, I was determined to kick ass at making pancakes too. After all, said friend is a friend of the Boyfriend, and my naturally competitive spirit means that I have to ace at every thing that his friend can do, even though the Boyfriend has reassured me that I’m a great cook. (Awww…)

It helps that making pancakes requires minimal effort.

One thing that I don’t really like about these online recipes is that they don’t include pictures and contain just mostly a lot of words. Sometimes I get stuck wondering what I should do next (I’m a visual kind of person) so I thought I’d add some pictures along the way in this post!

Everything that you need can be summed up in the picture below:

* Flour (110g)

* Caster sugar, just a teeny bit

* Unsalted butter, 25g

* 2 eggs

* 200ml milk with about 50-70ml water

* Bananas, blueberries or raspberries depending on what kind of pancakes you want to make. Since the Boyfriend and I are fruit junkies, we opted to make fruit pancakes.

* (Optional) Vanilla ice cream to serve

* A whisk (you can use a fork) and mixing bowl (or just a big bowl or a big pot, which I used)

1. Break two eggs into 110g flour

This part was tricky for me because I had no idea how much 110g was. Well, I have a measuring cup but the Boyfriend said that I needed a weighing scale of some sort. Do I look like I run a science lab in here? No. So I used the measuring cup and put 110g flour in it. In case you’re all excited and ready to start on the recipe now but have no cup, it’s about four to five dollops of the regular spoon you use to eat dinner. (I think.)

2. Whisk it until it achieves a smooth consistency, and then add the milk & water mixture and a spoonful (or two) of sugar

First of all you whisk the eggs & flour together until it looks lumpy, and then add the milk & water in so that the lump mixes into a watery consistency. It should look something like the above. Depending on how sweet you like your pancake to be, add a spoon or two of sugar. A spoon won’t make it taste sweet at all, but it will give it a bit of flavour.

3. Melt 25g butter on the frying pan and take two spoonfuls back into the egg/flour mixture

A lot of recipes call for 50g of butter here, but the Boyfriend and I think 50g is way too much and we’re not comfortable with having that much fat in our diet. (No we’re not anorexics, just health nuts!) Once you’re done melting the butter and taking two spoonfuls (the same dinner spoon you used earlier) back into the egg/flour mixture, stir the mixture and then pour some out onto the frying pan.

4. Add your other ingredients – bananas, blueberries

These bananas were chopped by the Boyfriend. And the thing about adding bananas into pancakes is that you need to get thinly sliced bananas, not the thick ones you see here – so it should be ideally about half this width, or else it’d be really too thick.

Add the bananas and blueberries into the pan quickly!

To check if the pancake is cooked on the bottom side, use a spatula or knife to take a quick peek. I must admit that we found it difficult to flip the pancake around, so our first experiment was a disaster. It was more like scrambled pancakes:

Our second attempt was much better:

Yeah well I do realise that our pancake is kinda thick, but the Boyfriend and I like it! Actually, it’s necessary if you intend to cook it with stuff like bananas. Just pour more of the mixture into the pan to make it thicker, that’s all. πŸ™‚

And it tastes soooo good with vanilla ice cream! Enjoy! πŸ™‚


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