This Week in Food

I was homesick for a while because I missed home food, even after proclaiming that London has some of the best restaurants this world will ever have.

To compensate for that, the Boyfriend and I visited a few choice places in cheaper London restaurants and checked out food that London has to offer!

On a Friday night after a very long, tiring and gruesome work week, we went to Wahaca which is this Mexican street dining restaurant. We ordered steak and chicken burritos which came with a serving of tacos.

So, so good.

Before the Boyfriend said “Bon appetit”, I knifed my way through that thick, juicy burrito and chomped my way through the meal as he watched in disbelief.

I guess he must miss our first date when we both tried to make a good first impression on each other, but that’s all over now. It’s too late.

The Boyfriend then suggested that I should try guacamole, which is something I’ve never tried in a restaurant before. I’m always open to trying something new (you’d see more of that in May… just you wait!!), so we ordered yet another bunch of tacos and this appeared on our table 5 minutes later.

And it was good. The guacamole dip was the right mix of creamy and avocado goodness and the tacos were perfectly crisp and crunchy. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Having no qualms that we probably consumed more than 1,000 calories a piece from our previous dinner, we checked out Kim Chee, a Korean restaurant at High Holborn. It helped that the Boyfriend had a 50% voucher for Lazy Sundays, which meant that the food was at a real bargain price!!

Since arriving in London, I’ve never managed to find a decent Korean restaurant. Sure, there are the tourist-recommended favourites, but you can’t really live off them because they are hella expensive.

I quite liked Kim Chee’s interior because everything was just so chic and black and it reminded me of a restaurant I like back home.

The Boyfriend and I are great fans of seafood. Last night, we just had 300g of king prawns. Imagine the amount of cholesterol that went into that. (We also had 3 huge capsicum/peppers so I guess it’s okay.)

If you gave the Boyfriend a menu, I would know almost immediately what he’d order. It’s just me. It’s just him. We know each other’s orders. This time, he chose to have the seafood udon.

I had the beef bulgogi. Bulgogi, in Korean speak, means marinated meat. I have no idea what they marinated it in, but my taste buds registered soya, corn flour, spring onions and something else that I can’t identify. It isn’t that difficult, really, but I’m too lazy to do it on my own because marinating is hard work.

And all I want to do on a Sunday is to relax and sleep.


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