Ah Easter. Isn’t Easter amazing? Even if you aren’t Christian, I guess you can celebrate the fact that it’s a public holiday. Yippee!

I won’t say I’m a devout Christian because I don’t go to church often (more like less than ten times a year, oops) and I don’t come from a Christian or religious family so I have never celebrated Easter. My Boyfriend is a Christian (Protestant) though and his family celebrates Easter every year without fail. So when his family invited me to spend Easter weekend with them at their home (i.e. my boyfriend’s hometown), I just said “Ok!”, booked my airplane ticket and the Boyfriend and I soon found ourselves in the mess that is Heathrow (London’s beloved airport) on a plane.

Can I tell you how much I love collecting air miles? I know it takes ages to earn miles to redeem a flight but I don’t care. I’m a sucker for loyalty programmes.

We zipped around in the Boyfriend’s mom’s car, which happens to be an amazing convertible and for once I felt cool. The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed the amazing sun!

Did you know that in Germany, they have a cute device that you use to record your arrival time at a parking place? It’s how you determine how long you park at a parking lot (there are places where parking is free for one or two hours and you record it here):

We went to the Philosopher’s Road, which is a place in Heidelberg, a town in Germany, where many famous philosophers have walked past in history.

We climbed to the top of a hill at the Boyfriend’s home town and posed for some photos.

The tricky thing about staying at your boyfriend’s parents’ place is that you’re living with other people. Sure, you grate on each other’s nerves when you live with your other half and that’s (sometimes) okay because you’ve already descended into a certain source of familiarity. But your boyfriend’s parents are a completely different deal – the fact that my boyfriend’s parents were such kind, great hosts made my stay wonderful.

Before I knew it, I had to go home. Of course, we had more adventures and there are more pictures, but WordPress is really depressing with its slow photo upload!


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