The Boyfriend was away for last weekend and I decided to go to Cambridge to meet him and have a nice fun day out with friends.

His seminar wasn’t going to end until past noon and he wanted me to have a full day there so I went early in the morning to meet some friends.

We trekked for about forty five minutes from the railway station to Grantchester to go to The Orchard Tea Garden, a place where you can have nice morning coffee, lunch or afternoon tea while relaxing out under the sun. It has been around for ages and a couple of famous people have been there, including Rupert Brooke, Stephen Hawking, Crick and Watson (DNA), Virginia Woolf and many other familiar names.

I decided to have raisin scone and a cuppa hot chocolate. My friend recommended that I should take the clotted cream cos it’s oh so good.

After about half an hour lying like that under the sun, I felt like I was in heaven.

Did I mention that the clotted cream was good?

Oh, so, good.

We went back to Cambridge to meet the Boyfriend and more friends who came in the later train. The sun was out and it was bright – and life was good!

We soon decided to grab some bites to bring onboard our punting journey. For those who don’t reside in the UK, punting refers to steering a little boat using a long punt (stick).

You basically have college boats, which are smaller than the boats you rent off a provider in Cambridge. You can choose between self-hiring i.e. you do the punting on your own or professional hiring. It really isn’t expensive if you split it amongst a couple of people. For self-hiring, we paid about 9quid an hour, pro-rata.

And…. the Boyfriend and I 🙂

After punting, we went walking around Cambridge and quickly settled for dinner (we’re all eating monsters). My friend made reservations at the Galleria, which is a restaurant that oversees the river in Cambridge. Pretty nice!

Did I mention the food was delicious?

I was in gastronomical heaven.

The Boyfriend and I ordered tuna with mashed potatoes, and oh my god.

They served us this.

Oh. My. God.

My friend ordered the red snapper that came with skewered prawns. Yummy!

I don’t know what this is, but I just want to dive into it and eat it all up!

Till next time xxx


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