My boyfriend’s lucky to have me because…

I’m an inexpensive girlfriend. I buy things with my own cash, with my own hard earned money. Sure, he picks up the tab sometimes, but I make sure he doesn’t do it all the time.

I remind him all the time of examples of other girlfriends and wives to make myself seem more valuable. It’s been a subconscious thing, but I realise that it’s been happening.

Just today, I reminded him that my colleague’s wife spends a heck load of his money on a new bag each month.

Yesterday, I reminded him that I don’t party like his other female friends do which means that he doesn’t have to worry about me ending up somewhere I shouldn’t be going, or with someone I shouldn’t be with.

I also happen to love giving out compliments. I boost his ego on an hourly basis and he boosts mine. My favourite part of the day is when we are together, because we just make each other feel good.

On Friday, I told him that he is easily the single most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in real life. (True story.)

I also love to spring surprises. Just last Monday, I told him we’re going flying. I’ve managed to save some money so we can both go on a trial flying lesson – I want to learn how to fly, but I thought it would be cool if he could take part in it too. He was ecstatic.

I have made countless presents for him. I don’t tell him that making presents means that they cost a lot less than if I bought him presents. But making presents also take up more time and effort because you have to plan what to make, how to make them, where to get the stuff to make them and finding time to make them.

But I have also bought him presents – work shirts, cufflinks, scarves and chocolates.

I happen to have a competitive spirit, which is good for him because when he brought me to his friend’s place for dinner where she cooked fajitas and pancakes, I felt threatened by her ability to cook. Of course, I already knew how to cook – but I wanted to be better. I looked up more recipes online and started baking.

Maybe he’s just really good at this psychological thing – how did he manage to trick me into cooking, making presents, buying presents, springing surprises, giving compliments and paying for my stuff?

Whatever it is, I’m just happy to have him. I feel like the luckiest person on earth just because I’ve beaten the statistical odds to be with this guy. He really is the best and I’m lucky to have him too.


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