Roka & What’s your definition of beautiful?

Today, the Boyfriend and I went to Roka for lunch. As I mentioned previously, London is a paradise for foodies and it would take extreme determination not to check out any of the restaurants here.


After blowing my budget for this month (read: Valentine’s Day), I decided that I should make both of us happy with a few good restaurant trips here and there. After our very nice evening at the restaurant at the Marriott, we decided to try Roka at Canary Wharf since they have a pretty good set lunch menu – 7-8 courses for 22 or 25 quid. The restaurant is much bigger than I originally anticipated; they have a main dining area and a couch-sitting area which looks comfy if you’re there for drinks or tea. The food was good – not great, as we’ve tried better back at my home country. We especially liked the avocado maki for its crunchy crisp taste, as well as the robata grilled sea bass fillet. Nothing wins my <s>heart</s> stomach more than fish cooked to perfection!

During lunch, the Boyfriend and I started gossiping about our common friends (or the friends that we introduced to each other after we got together). Alright, we don’t really gossip. I mean, we’re such a vanilla couple and we don’t say bad things about other people. We… we share information. Yes, that’s what it is. We. Share. Information.

The Boyfriend and I have been keen on hooking some of our friends up with other people we know because who honestly doesn’t like seeing everyone all loved up and happy? But you know how you think your friend Marcie is hot and your boyfriend thinks she’s just “cute”? This brings me to the question of “What’s your definition of beautiful?” I admit that I am insecure sometimes and I like validation and praise (who doesn’t?). I worry about what to wear before my first meeting with his parents or with his close friends. I’d worry about what they will think when the more important question I should have concerned myself with is why do I give a flying hoot about what they think?

Sometimes, I feel more self conscious about the way I look and about my own inadequacies. When I started dating the Boyfriend, I didn’t want him to see me wearing glasses or without make up. I felt naked without make up and my contact lenses, especially when a new pimple pops up. But he likes my glasses and now I wake up next to him without make up, pimples or no pimples. And to know that I won’t be judged for how I look like makes me feel comfortable whenever I’m with him. I know I don’t have to be in dresses all the time and smell of flowers and perfume. I mean, there are days when I justknow I look absolutely crap and I feel less than $1, but my boyfriend tells me that I look beautiful. Love is blind. But isn’t that a great thing?

So if you haven’t yet done it today – let your partner know that you think that he/she is handsome/beautiful, even when they wake up with messy hair in the morning. Or better yet, you tell them this first thing in the morning. I’m pretty sure it’d make their day a lot sweeter!


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