Are you ready to make lemon and poppy seed muffins?

After our lunch at Roka, the Boyfriend and I went grocery shopping. We bought a load of stuff and I thought I’d finally have a crack at making muffins.

Oh muffins. After the Boyfriend and I made our first foray into pancakes a few weeks ago – wait, what? I didn’t post pictures of that? How odd! – I decided that we can’t live on pancakes forever. There’s only so many times you can cook pancakes served with vanilla ice cream before you’re tired of it.

Is this why some people cheat?

Anyway. Muffins. There are so many bad jokes I can make about muffins right now, it’d put you right off this post. Muffins are delicious. I love chocolate, so chocolate muffins or oreo cookie muffins blow my mind away.

I was queuing up at the cafe at work the other day for tea and spotted lemon and poppy seed muffins on the display. Right next to them were chocolate muffins, and my colleague thought this was a no brainer – I’d go for the chocolate muffins. But there was just something about the lemon and poppy seed muffins that made me want to have them. I couldn’t resist them – they looked so tasty and they were taunting me to buy them.

My brain was trying to process these two very distinct, very tempting offers. Chocolate… lemon. Lemon! No, chocolate! No, lemon, lemon, LEMON!

I took my first bite in and moaned. I was in muffin heaven happiness. Ohhhhhhh….

I think I disgusted my colleague in return.

Today, I’m going to show you how to make these amazing muffins. I’m not entirely sure about how to do this really, but I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy the results of your hard labour. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Let’s look at the cast, shall we?

Yes, I like to bake at night

(Makes 12)

* 330g Self raising flour

If you don’t have self-raising flour, don’t despair. I made my muffins using all purpose (plain white) flour. Just use 330g all purpose flour and 3 heaping teaspoons baking powder and 1 teaspoon salt. I know a lot of recipes call for 1-2 teaspoons baking powder but trust me, this is NOT enough!

* 2 eggs, beaten

* 200g caster sugar

* 2 normal spoonfuls of poppy seeds

* Lemon juice from 2 lemons, or 100 ml if you want to be anal about it

* Grated lemon zest from 3 lemons, maybe about 1 normal spoonful (you can put in more if you want it to be more lemony!)

* 250ml milk

* 50g unsalted butter, melted

First off, preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Don’t ask me what this is in Fahrenheit cos I ain’t got a clue.

I like to keep things simple. And simple means keeping things organised. When I made my first batch of lemon and poppy seed muffins, I was absolutely disorganised and I don’t wish for anyone else to go down the same messy route I went into.

You need to prepare 2 sets of things – the flour/sugar part and the liquid part.

First set: The dry stuff

Sugar and lemon zest. Mmhmm!

Put the sugar and zest into a bowl. I’m talking about a large bowl/pot. Mix them together, using your hands (it’d get dirty from here!!) or just a simple spoon/whisk. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t mix them well because everything will turn out fine in the end.

Sift the flour in. In my case, I just dumped the whole chunk of flour and my muffins turned out alright.

Dump in the poppy seeds. I like the word “dump”. It has such a bouncy sound to it. Dumpy dump dump.

Second set: The liquid part of the equation

Pour lemon juice, milk, beaten eggs and melted butter together. This is where I failed. I absolutely disregarded everything and did the below:

Mistake #1 - just pouring everything in baby

Anyway, once you have all the liquid in a bowl, mix them well together and make a well in the center of the flour/sugar/dry stuff bowl and pour the liquid in. Then whisk everything together until the mixture forms a smooth consistency:

Divide everything and put them in a muffin tray and put it in the oven for 25 minutes.

Almost ready for baking!

How do you know if the muffins are ready? Well, first off, a waft of lemony poppy seed goodness will permeate your nose. Then, you’d see muffins that look like they want to be eaten. Ooh yes. Just take a fork and prick through one to make sure it’s not all liquidy. If it pricks through a muffin firmly, you’re safe.

Ahh don’t these muffins look like they want to be eaten? Anyway, these are my first batch and the reason why I suggested more baking powder – they aren’t well risen!

The Boyfriend came back from the gym and was greeted with these muffins.

Isn’t he the luckiest man on earth?


3 thoughts on “Are you ready to make lemon and poppy seed muffins?

    1. I know! I love making these too! The smell of freshly baked lemon and poppy seed muffins is so enticing, another batch is baking in the oven now as I’m typing this. 🙂

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