Photo bomb: London spring

Right outside Buckingham Palace

I’m so excited about the upcoming spring!

The days are getting longer now for all of those of us who reside in Le Continent. The best part of this whole process is that the Boyfriend and I don’t have to be cooped up at home over the weekends wishing for the bad weather to go away.

Except that I really am quite the homebody, and he has to do a crap load of work over the weekends while I catch up on household chores and reading. Right now, I’m checking out this book by Jonathan Safran Foer; it’s called “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” and it’s out in cinemas now!

Alright, my life isn’t that exciting.

I love being a tourist in London. There are so many things to do around here even in the winter. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but you know what I mean. It’s a huge city and you can do day trips out to other tourist places like the stone henge, Bath, Cambridge etc.

This reminds me that the Olympics are coming up. I expect a clogged Heathrow airport, clogged tubes (what we call the subway here), clogged roads, clogged streets, clogged pavements… but it will be fun. Right, right? There will be so many tourists here in the good weather and it will be fun. I hope. Oh god. I hope nobody asks me for directions because I’m absolutely hopeless at that.

If you want to ask someone for directions, please find a male who looks like he knows where he’s going.

Trafalgar SquareTrafalgar Square

St Paul'sSt Paul’s Cathedral

Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral at the back – if you’re a big Harry Potter fan you might have recognised this bridge in the opening scenes of the sixth movie

Just thinking about all the wondrous things one can do in spring gets me excited though; having long walks all throughout the city, lying down on grass at parks and enjoying the beautiful weather, boating on lakes, sitting outdoors in cafes watching the world pass you by… ah. Time is such an amazing luxury.

Aww London, I love you too

Why can’t weekends be weekdays and weekdays be weekends?


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