London: a food lover’s paradise

I still stand by the fact that my country has *the* best food in the world (as do many other people who think their country has the best food in the world). It’s natural conditioning.

But London. Oh London. Oh wow, London… has… some really good food.

Eating out in London is an expensive affair. Compared to the US and continental Europe, you’d think that London is a huge rip off. A simple egg mayo sandwich sets you back by £1.50. A good meal at a restaurant will set you back by £20 easily, and even better restaurants can set you back by £40-£50. This pretty much sums up why my cooking skills have climbed an exponential curve since I’ve been here really. But the truth is, food is awesome. The choices are awesome. And once you’ve tasted really good food, you don’t want to go back.

When I first arrived, I was on a saving spree. I wanted to save. I told myself that I would never, ever spend more than £10 a day because I need to save for my future mortgage and future family and future kids. As days passed by, saving and being a scrooge in general made me a very bitter, grumpy person. Initially it was easy. I dismissed my colleagues who’re on the same pay scale as me going for drinks and expensive restaurant dinners, thinking I was above all that crazy spending.

Come February and I caved in. I didn’t spend like crazy though – just a little. A little bit. Really little. It was Valentine’s Day weekend, and I wanted to be nice to the Boyfriend just this weekend, just once, and there was a 50% discount off the a la carte menu at the Marriott, so why not?

We ended up bombing 78 quid for our meal, which is actually quite alright when you throw in two delicious appetisers, steak and black cod, as well as a bottle of wine.

78 quid also tends to be my typical food expense for the whole month. Anyway.

The next thing I know, the Boyfriend booked another lunch at Roka – this Japanese fusion restaurant – which we’d be going to soon. And now I’m thinking of surprising the Boyfriend by booking a table at The Ledbury for our anniversary dinner.

Someone help me, please.



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