Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day where some single people get really depressed, some newly single people get super depressed, some other single people throw “hate” parties and where the rest of the couple world either decides to ignore the significance of the day (at your own peril, monsieurs) or plan something romantic.

This Valentine’s Day is special to me, because at my grand old age, this will be the first time I celebrate it ever with a boyfriend, ever. Wow. I’ve been through phases in my life where I was “too cool” to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I didn’t want to be sucked into the commercial aspect of it – how supermarkets, gift shops and advertisements everywhere are stacked with things to do with pink. But I’ve changed. I think the “too cool” teenager-me is so uncool for not celebrating Valentine’s Day just because I wanted to make a “statement” to the world. What statement? I have no idea. Nobody in the world cares anyway.

Now, I want to celebrate Valentine’s Day because I’ve become a sucker for things like good packaging and flowers and heart shaped candies. Yes, I’ve turned into that kind of girl. I’d spend an obscene amount of money (okay, not really) just to make sure that my boyfriend is happy, because I’d be happy too. The idea of doing something special for the person I love is still fresh in me. 🙂

This Valentine’s Day also happens to fall on a leap year, which according to an old folklore, women can propose to their boyfriends. Yes, you heard me. I even tried to instill a little bit of fear into the Boyfriend’s mind by hinting that I may propose (I won’t). Our conversations usually go like this:

Me: Do you know that this Valentine’s Day falls on a leap year?

The Boyfriend: Yeah… what’s a leap year?

I love it when he plays dumb.

Me: A year where February has –

The Boyfriend: Oh, right. When February has 29 days instead of 28.

Me: Right. And there’s this belief in some cultures that women can propose on Valentine’s Day when it falls on a leap year.


Me: Are you scared that I’d propose to you?

The Boyfriend: (in all honesty) No.

Me: Really?

The Boyfriend: Yeah.

FYI, the Boyfriend is good at bluff. So maybe he saw through my poker face. Damn.

Still, I planned to make this Valentine’s Day special. Usually, I like making gifts instead of buying them, because people generally have what they want and making a gift is more meaningful. The Boyfriend and I also like to spring surprises on each other and I know he wasn’t expecting a surprise, so I decided to spring this surprise on him:

The Boyfriend had a friend come over to visit for a while and I knew he was busy for the whole of this week, so that gave me some free time to prepare my surprise at home. I ordered a few hundred satin rose petals and scattered them on Friday morning on the bed so he’d be surprised when he comes home, and I put around fairy lights around the window and used red ribbons to hang cut out heart shapes from the lights. On each heart are the words “I love you” and on the back of the hearts are drawings and 100 things I love about him.

Sounds like a really simple gift, right? The whole process took me three nights to do, and, trust me, after coming home from work, the first thing you want to do is eat and the second thing you want to do is sleep.

The end product looks like this, and needless to say the Boyfriend was very surprised!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?


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