Oh look, it’s snowing in London

It’s snowing in London, finally!

After thanking the skies above about the lack of snow in London (which means less chaos in our century old transportation network and the reduced probability of falling down when I walk on iced pavements), I felt a little bit cheated of the lack of snow during winter. I may be past my prime for making a snowman but snow is the sign that winter is here. It makes people happy. Some people, at least. So when the weatherman announced that it will snow on Saturday night, you bet a lot of Londoners started talking about the snow coming. We’re boring like that to talk about the weather, or maybe I just hang out with the weather people.

The Boyfriend and I had to take the opportunity to walk in the snow. I thought it’d be romantic to be honest, to be walking on white powdered pavements and having some quiet time together outdoors. But the roads were full of sloshed ice (I don’t know if this is the right word) so the boyfriend wasn’t too happy about that.

Right now, we’re just sitting around drinking wine, getting extremely hungry from just eating 4 pancakes (more on that story later) and waiting for superbowl to begin. I’m also hunting the internet for recipes for Valentine’s Day – yes, I’m going to cook something new, and Jamie Oliver’s sole + mussels + bacon strip recipe looks extremely delicious at this point!


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