Our indoor romantic dinner

The Boyfriend and I run crazy, busy schedules. It has been a really convenient reason for me to use “I’m too busy to date” as an excuse as to why I was single before I met him… which happened to be the sad truth. Anyway, having and maintaining a relationship is never easy especially when you’re out of university and enter the “real world” where you’re faced with more time constraints, responsibilities, bills, etc.

As we haven’t gone to a really nice restaurant in a while (London is effing cold and there are no good al fresco restaurants), I suggested the idea of having a romantic dinner night in with the Boyfriend. After all, we’ve both been working like crazy horses and deserve a good treat and some time off together!

Well, romantic dinners aren’t that difficult – it really depends on how elaborate you want to be, and we didn’t really want to be that elaborate. So we had candles, some alcohol and some good food cooked by yours truly!

Some time last year, we promised to cook together more often once we’re both in London. And we have cooked loads. From simple pastas to cod fish and salmon and steak, we’ve tried quite a number of things together. One thing we’ve never cooked together for the past half a year is chicken. Not that we aren’t big fans of it, it just makes more sense to cook fish at home since it’s much cheaper, you get to cook it the way you want it to be done and it’s more healthy since you can limit the use of oil.

One of our earlier attempts at cooking pasta

Anyway, if you’re part of a no fuss couple just like the Boyfriend and I, you can easily make a simple dinner romantic just by having a few things:

* Tealight candles

* Wine & wine glasses

* Jazz/bossa nova music

* Rose petals (optional) making a trail from the entrance of your door to the dining area

My boyfriend likes steak, but this time we decided to cook something that is closer to my home since it’s the week of Chinese New Year. Here’s the simple end product of our dinner:

Total cost of this dinner? £21.40 (or about USD30-ish). Not too bad for an indoor dinner!


2 thoughts on “Our indoor romantic dinner

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment! Cool that you come from a diverse background – must be great to grow up in a house with two different cultures. Will definitely pop by your blog 🙂

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