I haven’t been writing in here for a long while and that’s down to my laziness and work schedule. The boyfriend and I are still a happy couple, and we spend as much time as possible together especially over the weekends which seem ever too short.

We’ve done an incredible amount of cooking since and the lazy me is lazy to post any new pictures of our cooking too. We’ve ventured from pasta to salmon and cod fish and chicken curry. It has been quite a journey and maybe we will experiment something new next (we really like cod fish). It seems though that as we approach our eight month mark this Friday, I feel like we’ve been together for two years (not a bad thing) and there’s still so many things that we have yet to do together… we’re catching our first musical together (ok not our first individually, but first together) in two weeks’ time, celebrate our birthdays (we’re born a day apart) and spend a great weekend outside of London once my leave kicks in. It’s going to be amazing!

For now I’m going back to bed… winter is making me really lazy :p

Happy holidays!


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