25 more days till we see each other!

I am happy.

There’s a big grin in my heart for one simple reason: we finally are going to see each other. I know friends who are in long distance relationships and it sucks. Each of them have been/are currently in one for at least a year, with one friend finally ending the agony of it because her boyfriend has finally come to work in the same city after two years. And I admit that I thought long distance relationships would be okay for me; after all, it’s like a low maintenance relationship, right? You don’t have to see each other all the time and you don’t spend tons of money over it.

Wrong. The frustration of being apart from the person I love, even for just three months, almost killed me. It’s crazy what people can do sometimes in the name of love. A long distance relationship is one of them.

But it’s finally going to end. 25 more days and I will see him!! I’m moving to London in 23 days, and his official move date is a month later, but both of us can’t wait any longer. We’ve had enough pretending we aren’t frustrated or struggling. So he’s coming just two days after for a short holiday before we have to separate for 2.5 weeks and then be reunited again for real. I can’t say how relieved I feel.

Oh thank goodness it’s over. Long distance relationships are hard work!!


2 thoughts on “25 more days till we see each other!

  1. I’m so happy for you — that your long distance relationship is finally over. …. Mine is just starting. How long were you apart?

    1. Aww thanks! 🙂 We were apart since May, so by the time he moves over for real we’d be apart for 18 weeks. Honestly, it isn’t a really long time, since my friends have been in long distance relationships for years. But it just sucks for us now because neither of us can visit each other due to work commitments and my friends who are in LDRs are all travelling with their partners now. :/ Oh well. How about you? How long are you going to be apart?

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