My boyfriend read me a bedtime story tonight

The Boyfriend and I live 12 hours apart by plane, which translates into a 6 hour timezone difference. We get up to all kinds of crazy things during the span of our long distance relationship (and even when we were both living in the same country, we were up to a lot of crazy things). Sadly enough or not, most of the crazy ideas we have are due to me. The brainchild of wacky ideas in a relationship.

Apart from the fact that we’re almost half way through a crazy book called 1000 Questions for Couples, I created a personalised calendar of little things we could do for each other for the month of July as a virtual gift on our “month anniversary” (I can’t bring myself to type month-niversary. Oh wait, I just did!).

Tonight, the boyfriend had to read me a bedtime story and sing me a lullaby. He picked Sam and the Dragon, a story neither of us has heard before. It is an incredibly imaginative story – or maybe I’ve been too cynical these years reading too much news – and I loved how pure, simple and innocent each character was.

While I do admit that this task probably sounds like what parents would do for their children, it’s a really fun exercise to do with your partner, no matter how old you are. Okay, if you think it’s childish, then just ignore what I wrote. For the rest of you though, bedtime stories are a fun way to say goodnight. Maybe I’m just a good ol’ nerd, but I like being read to, as I haven’t been read to in ages. The anticipation of knowing what happens next and how the boyfriend took time to animate the story made the whole experience fun for me. I guess I’m lucky that the boyfriend was game enough to do something like this – other guy friends would probably think that it’s a silly, childish thing to do.

Now that we both enjoyed this experience, we’re keeping this tradition for special days. An obvious day would definitely be Christmas Eve, when we can read Twas the Night Before Christmas together in our warm living room over hot chocolate while it’s cold and snowing outside.

PS. Read Sam and the Dragon here. Image source credit to the same site.

PPS. No comments about the lullaby since the boyfriend would rather I keep his singing talents completely off radar. šŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “My boyfriend read me a bedtime story tonight

  1. I started reading LOTR to my (no longer) long-distance girlfriend. She didn’t like the book too much but she liked the way I read it. It doesn’t seem to strange to me, it seems rather sweet, as you say šŸ™‚

      1. Well, I said started it because we didn’t finish it, in fact I think we only managed 1 chapter of Fellowship before she’d had enough of it (it probably didn’t help that she isn’t a native English speaker and LOTR has many long words). It was still fun though, she liked when I put on voices for the characters. We did read one whole book together though, it was for teenagers, it was light-hearted and quite easy to read, so she really enjoyed that one šŸ™‚

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