Are we… running of things to talk about?

The problem with long distance relationships is that you don’t get to live your life together. Every day, it’s been a routine of wake up, brush my teeth, go through my day, come back for dinner and go on Skype. And there are just so many topics you can talk about, but sometimes it feels like we go back in circles, again and again, to the very same topics.

It was by pure luck that I stumbled onto a fantastic book called 1000 Questions for Couples. There are exactly 1000 questions in that book, ranging from personality to morals, conviction and beliefs to children and children rearing. I can’t imagine how the author managed to think of that many questions, but I’m grateful for his book, because it has allowed me to understand The Boyfriend better. I realised that communicating really isn’t all about just talking about your day or your dreams or the history of your life, but also to check in with The Boyfriend’s opinions, personal stuff that I didn’t know about etc. Not to mention that it has made our conversations a lot more productive and entertaining. We’ve probably gone through almost 200 questions by now, and have 800 left. Egads!


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