War guilt

If there’s one thing my relationship has taught me, it is that communication is important. Hiding behind lies and unasked questions will get you no where. Even if this were to end one day, I’d at least know that we always had an open line of communication.

This entry and our conversation following it was inspired by the latest X-Men movie, which in no way has anything to do with the future direction of my entries (using movies to inspire whatever I write). The boyfriend and I have always been anti-violence and anti-violent, and I’ve visited concentration camps in my past travels and can never imagine the amount of fear, loss of hope and inhumane cruelty that used to be there.

That said, they just touched briefly about Nazis and concentration camps. Now, I don’t want to go into a history or controversial debate, and as my country was one of those who was subject to invasion during the second world war (granddad was captured but managed to escape during the war, God bless his soul), I think I can provide an objective view by saying that there shouldn’t be any more war guilt. None whatsoever. The fact that it has been more than 65 years since the end of the second world war shows that most of Germany and Japan’s population is run, governed and populated by people who were born in the post war era. And even though terrible things have happened in the war, there shouldn’t be any war guilt. I’m saying this cos the boyfriend is from Germany, and I could feel him being somewhat self conscious when I mentioned about the concentration camp scene in X-Men. Knowing him, he would never do anything like that and should not feel a single ounce of guilt because what’s done is done and you can feel guilty for what you didn’t do forever but that’s not going to change the past. It’s what you do in the present and in the future that matters now.

Love you hun 🙂


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