Strip clubs.

The boyfriend and I are living in two different cities for a couple of months and we’ve found ourselves in the hugely unfamiliar Long Distance Relationship. Horror. We’ve never had anything like that before. Long distance relationships, while tough, are enlightening at the same time. For one, I don’t put on make up EVER before we videocall each other, so he sees me looking plain and normal. The second hugest thing is all the weird quirks you never knew about your partner start to surface. Like … how you can’t kiss away a disagreement and you’re made to work through it.

Anyway, both of us caught Hangover 2 in our separate cities recently. If you have no idea what Hangover 2 is about, it’s a movie chronicling the morning after a wild bachelor party night – only that the film’s protagonists have no idea what happened the last night and have to piece things together to find the missing person in the “wolf pack”.

This got us into a really interesting discussion. Strip clubs.

It’s not a TRUST issue, rather, it’s a whether-I’m-comfortable-with-my-fiance-going-to-a-strip-club issue. And the truth is I’m not. I really am not. I mean, I HAVE been to a strip club and okay you know what, it’s fine if he goes there with a bunch of guys and watch women and that’s it. But if he receives lap dances and more… that’s when the line is crossed and I’m not comfortable with that.

The boyfriend, who’s completely Westernised, thinks this is okay and normal.

From that point on, the whole conversation went on to “how many times did you go to a strip club and why did you go to a strip club” and to “let’s not talk tomorrow” and “are you mad at me?”

So anyway, because communication in long distance relationships is key, we’ve decided to come to a middle ground. I will, with all my close girlfriends, book a club for a private event, audition male strippers so we get all the cute ones and have a crazy hen night! This means THEMES. Like dress codes (wear close to nothing for the strippers, and not really much anything for the ladies). Oh yeah! If he wants me to be okay with naked women dancing all around in front of him, we’re going to do the same.

My best friend is already in on the idea. It’s time to roll!


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