101 in 1001

My own 101 in 1001 days!

1. Get a pilot’s license, or at least start working towards one
2. Run 5km without stopping
3. Run 7km without stopping
4. Run 10km without stopping
<s>5. Run 3km without stopping</s> (Done! 8 June 2012)
<s>6. Spend Christmas with the Boyfriend & his family</s> (Done! 25 Dec 2012)
7. Get my own flat/house
8. Watch the sunset with the man I love 🙂
9. Go on a summer vacation with the boyfriend – done! New York and Scotland 2012
10. Experience the Olympics in London!
11. Catch a football match live
12. Catch a tennis match live
13. Make my first <s>cupcakes</s> muffins
14. Cook black cod
15. Read at least a book a month for a year
16. Visit a vineyard
17. Go hiking or visit the lake district
18. Go to Oktoberfest for the second time
19. Participate actively in a charity
20. Sleep under the stars
21. Improve my crap German so I’m at least more than conversational in it
22. Improve my crap French so that I’m at least more than conversational in it
23. Go to Scotland [June 2012 Scotland diaries: Food, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & 4… the other days to come with posts!]
24. Revisit New York or go to Chicago (Done! July 2012)
25. Or just take a damn vacation, I need one!! (done! Easter holiday 6 April12- 10 April 12)
26. Make oreo cheesecake
27. Spend New Year’s Eve with the Boyfriend (31 Dec 2012!)
28. Go surfing
29. Go white water rafting
30. Do a road trip with the Boyfriend
31. Visit Nice, France
32. Cook beef stew for my boyfriend – done on weekend of 18-19 February 2012
33. Make ice cream from scratch
34. Swim 2km under 1.5hours
35. Spend a day in Cambridge on a boat, relaxing with the Boyfriend
36. Release a sky lantern
37. Celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks
38. Have a proper Thanksgiving Dinner
39. Write a monthly handwritten letter to my parents for a year
40. Volunteer at the soup kitchen
41. Resist all temptation of buying clothes for six months (Back to zero from 27 July :()
<s>42. Resist all temptation of buying SHOES for six months</s> (done!! Survived from Dec 2011 to June 2012 and counting!)
43. Do something that takes me out of my comfort zone
44. Let my hair loose at a concert
45. Spend Valentine’s Day with the Boyfriend
46. Host a party or dinner (I’ve never hosted one)
47. Spend a day Easter egg hunting
48.  Lie on grass at a park with the Boyfriend, not giving a single care to the world (1/4/12)
49. Bake my first cake
50. Cook a three course meal for the Boyfriend
51. Make my own scrapbook for the Boyfriend
52. Get engaged
53. Road trip!
54. 1 week of summer in Sweden!
55. Visit Spain
56. Visit South Africa
57. Fly south for winter
58. Get on a Zeppelin
59. Visit Paris

Completed: 19/58

Start date: 1 Dec 2011
End date: 1 Dec 2014

Will add more to this list in due time.

And I just realised that that will be a hell lot of travelling. Bring. It. On!

What’s your 101 in 1001?


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